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We supply quality

Strict controls allow us to ensure all our products reach our customers fresh and like they’ve been newly harvested.


We are committed to sustainability

More than just a word, it’s one of our core values.


The best products from each origin

We select our fruit and vegetables from the best suppliers in the world.

About us

"Since 1994 we have been working to deliver the best fruit and vegetables, brand quality, sustainability and responsibility to all our customers. These are the values that unite us and which we strive to live by every day."


With our extensive experience in the fruit and vegetable sector, we have the capability to supply fruits and vegetables to all our partners in the Markant Group while preserving their inherent qualities. Quality and safety remain our top priorities.


Thanks to our efficient logistics and transport system, we ensure on-time delivery, minimize processing times, and guarantee the freshness of our products.


At Iberiana, we assume our responsibility and adopt sustainability-committed policies. To this effect, we demand our suppliers take measures that will allow future generations to continue enjoying the products offered to us by nature.

Quality assurance

As a result of our commitment to quality we have been awarded the most demanding quality assurance certifications, which endorse our rigorous processes and the excellent product our customers receive.

Products and brands


We provide a wide variety of fruit and vegetables. We select the best fields in each origin to deliver a top quality product all year round.

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Our customers have at their disposal a wide selection of organic products, with the same taste and with the latest biological guarantees and certificates.

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Brands & Packaging

We work hand in hand with large leading packaging manufacturers, thus keeping up to date with the latest developments in the packaging industry. We tailor our approach to meet each customer’s needs, always seeking to preserve the freshness of our fruitsand vegetables.

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since 1994


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