IMG 7363 thumbnailIberiana Frucht inspires and motivates his team during a training day surrounded by their families

22. SEPT 2018

The whole Iberiana Frucht staff celebrated a training day with global information about the MARKANT group, his history, his actual magnitude and his 7 years goals.


Enrique Clavel, General Director at Iberiana Frucht, incited his employees to feel proud of beeing part of this huge company and encouraged them to keep working with great enthusiasm.

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As a part of the event, the popular speaker and coach Jorge Luengo with his huge professionalism and ingenuity, spread a lot of motivation and enthusiasm. The audience participated actively in his daring show.

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Iberiana took the opportunity to enjoy a fabulous day surrounded by their families. Especially the children, a total of more than 30 “little Iberians”, spent an unforgettable day.

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dia mundial abejasIberiana celebrates the World Bee Day!

18. MAY 2018

As member of the Friends of the Bees Foundation, in Iberiana we celebrate the by the UN officially declared World Bee Day on Sunday, the 20th of May.

patrocinadores de la Fundación de amigos de las abejasWe are sponsoring partners of the Friends of the Bees Foundation

10. APR 2018

In Iberiana we join the pro bee movement. For this reason we have partnered with the internationally recognized "Friends of the bees" foundation that promotes knowledge about these magnificent pollinators through research, divulgation and education, contributing to their protection and conservation. Some of the different projects of the foundation are the recovery of degraded ecosystems as well as the recovery of swarms and the placement of beehives. 

Also a "Colmenar Cero treatments" project, a pilot project unique in Spain, under the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment, and in collaboration with the Beekeeping Center of Marchamalo to investigate a method in which bees can be free of pharmacological treatments has been developed.

From Iberiana we make the appropriate recommendations to all our suppliers on the non-use of products harmful to bees.

Because we think that the responsibility towards the conservation of our nature and the protection of bees belongs to everyone and begins in each one of us.


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Iberiana Schulbesuch Colegio Vicente FerrerFascinating, delicious discoveries

21. DIC 2017

In Iberiana’s Testing and Training Garden, schoolchildren learn the value of taking a closer look at fruit, tasting how delicious it is, and finding out how fascinating the cultivation of natural produce can be.

Little Alba looks on wide-eyed as an orange is juiced. For her, seeing orange-coloured juice flowing from the red pulp is like magic. She came to Iberiana with her friends from the second class of San Vicente Ferrer primary school. They are here to learn how orange trees grow, as well as how their delicious fruits are harvested, and what they taste like.

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The two Iberiana education experts Germán and Miguel quickly explain to the pupils: this is not magic, but the unique Cara Cara orange, with red flesh but orange-coloured juice. They also show them how the plants are irrigated with water-saving perforated hoses, and how the green fruits slowly ripen, turning orange or yellow. For the children, seeing how the trees and fruits are protected from hungry birds and other snackers with nets and other tricks is like a crime thriller. Iberiana’s Testing and Training Garden near Valencia is the ideal place for growing and harvesting citrus fruits, stone fruits and other fruits, and getting to know them. Here, not only do Iberiana grow their most important fruits, but they also trial new varieties for their taste and growth potential.

IMG 4701

For the young guests, there is even more to discover. When they visited, the season’s very first citrus fruits were just ripening. Iberiana’s itinerary for pupils always includes a visit to the small cinema. Here, the experts show a film that gives the children an exciting insight into fruit cultivation and then patiently answer the children’s many questions.

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By the end, everyone is hungry so they go into the kitchen workshop. Here, the children can taste fruits they have never tried or seen. In a relaxed setting, they learn how to bring fruit to the table in a compelling way. There are no boundaries to their creativity. They arrange fruit slices on plates, or combine them to make fruit kebabs on skewers. But the results don’t last: it’s so much fun and tastes so good that before long, there is nothing left on the plates.

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Enrique Clavel, managing director of Iberiana, is delighted by the children’s visit: "Fruit and vegetables come from nature, and that's what we want to show the younger generation. If they experience for themselves how delicious our products taste and how they grow, then they will develop an interest and appetite all by themselves. That’s why Iberiana is committed to ensuring young people can access exactly this type of hands-on experience of fruits and vegetables."

Iberiana carrera sagunto1,000 runners,
10 kilometres – and even more good will

15. NOV 2017

Over 1,000 runners ran the 10km and 5km routes – the "Con otra mirada" charity fun run in Sagunto was a resounding success and Iberiana was proud to be Fruit Sponsor.

The historic town of Sagunto near Valencia is known for its imposing, historic castle and its old town. On November 4, it hosted its charity fun run for the fifth time. Named "con otra mirada", it led runners through the picturesque streets and around the castle hill. On the afternoon of November 4, more than 1,000 runners competed over distances of 5 and 10km while at the same time supporting a good cause.

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This year, Iberiana was Fruit Sponsor. Each runner was rewarded with a bag of delicious Iberiana fruits and vegetables. Every year, the run is organised by the charitable organisation "Grupo Espiga". The proceeds will be donated to charitable projects, such as the provision of learning aids for disadvantaged students. In addition, this year a quarter of the proceeds were donated to fighting cancer.

 MG 9125 BEducational visit of German students

08. SEPT 2017

For Iberiana Frucht it is very important to think about the future of young generations. That is why two students selected by a school in Offenburg, Germany, have been doing pracices for a period of 2 weeks at our company in Massamagrell.


During this instructional period, the students got a view of the exciting world of fruit and vegetable focused on an international level.

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On the last day of the internship period we also had the pleasure of receiving a group of 50 students from this same school in Germany. 

 MG 8646

In the course of this educational visit, the students had the opportunity to learn about the different varieties of fruit and their respective periods of harvest and cultivation in our own field of experimentation. They were also able to learn very interesting data about the, for us so important processes of quality.

It is now the second consecutive year that we have the pleasure of hosting intern students and organizing an educational visit.

Finally, the students were able to convince themselves of the extraordinary flavor of the Iberiana products during a tasting in a fruit exhibition in our company.

 MG 8838

During this visit, the students learned that our success is due, especially to the many years of extraordinary dedication and experience.

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Watermelon: The summer fruit!

20. JUL 2017

Can there be something more refreshing during the summertime than a watermelon? With almost 95% water content, the watermelon is the fruit that contains the most water. Its high hydration and sweet taste, make this fruit the star of the summer.

They belong to the family of pumpkin plants and are originally from tropical Africa. The most popular varieties vary between 3 and 8 kilos. Meanwhile, however, there are also the popular miniature watermelons weighing between 1.8 - 2.4 kilos. The current largest plantations of watermelons are situated in the Mediterranean area! There are those with seeds, seedless, with red pulp and even with yellow pulp. The optimum degree of maturity is achieved during the summer. This fruit is also distinguished by its high content of vitamin A, C and E and by an abundant portion of minerals beneficial to the human body, for example potassium. Because the watermelon has very few calories, it is an ideal meal for those who want to lose weight.

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The watermelon grows from a creeper plant that does not rise 20 cm above the ground.

Here you will find funny ideas to enjoy this fantastic fruit.


Watermelon juice

sandia sorbet collage

Preparation: Easy preparation, ideal to invite friends.

1.Remove cores (if present). 2. Fill in a container with ½ glass of water and / or ice cubes. Add half a lemon to the juice, then stir until a homogeneous mixture is formed. Decorate the glass as desired.


Watermelon Coktail

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Preparation: Cut and drain the top of the watermelon. Then mix the fruit, liquidate and refill into the emptied watermelon. Then cool in the freezer without freezing. With this recipe, your guests will be amazed!


Lollipop of Watermelon

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Preparation:  With a cookie cutter cut the desired shape and click on the stick.


Salad with watermelon, tomato and cheese

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Preparation: Enjoy the watermelon in a different way. In the summer time, one should simplify the work in the kitchen and with this simple recipe it is possible. You only need tomatoes, cheese and a watermelon.


How to cut a watermelon?

As we know that many times it is not easy to know how to cut a watermelon, we want to offer you quick proposals with which you always manage to do it perfect. Cut a watermelon in half, then in vertical pieces. The result are long, perfectly cutted pieces.

Wassermelone Schneiden


Another option is to cut a watermelon into slices and then into triangles or cut a half into quarters and then trim triangles.

Also there are methods of carving, you can do for example this fun shark or simpler cut out hearts or other fun shapes.

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2017 carrera elstroters collage thumbIberiana takes part in a solidarity race

01. FEB 2017

Last Sunday Iberiana Frucht took part in a solidarity race not only as a running team, also as a sponsor. 

PBC 0472

All participants received fresh fruit from Iberiana to be able to recover themeselves after the run.

  • we want it to taste healthy

  • in search of quality

  • control is important for us

  • our bio is really bio

  • with our name