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Our Brands 

Brands make quality recognizable and are a guarantee of it.
Iberiana offers its customers the Sommergarten and Eurocitrus brands to enjoy the best quality products with all the guarantees under the Iberiana label.

Sommergarten, the highest quality

A wide selection of fruit and vegetables. The Sommergarten brand offers its customers quality and taste in a large number of products throughout the year, providing flexibility for those distributors who do not have their own brands and wish to enjoy the guarantee of working with Iberiana products.

Eurocitrus, the best varieties

We select the best citrus varieties to bear the Eurocitrus name. Like all the products we work with, they naturally come exclusively from controlled crops.

Hipos, to charge yourself with vitamins

Hipos bietet die schmackhaftesten Früchte der Saison, um alle Vitamine zu liefern, die der Körper braucht. Sowohl im Winter als auch im Sommer können unsere Kunden die besten Früchte genießen: Orangen, Mandarinen, Grapefruits, Zitronen, Zuckermelonen und Wassermelonen.

Packaging Tailored To Your Needs

With our packaging, we seek to offer an attractive and flexible solution that guarantees the shelf life of our products and thus meets our customers’ requirements.

Sustainable and high quality our packaging is a real added value for our products as it allows them to retain all their freshness and flavour.

If you are a customer, please contact Iberiana Germany for more information

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