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Courgette season is starting!

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The arrival of September is one of our favourite times of the year.

Little by little we are leaving behind the summer heat, especially with the high temperatures we have experienced in recent weeks, and we are beginning to see how autumn is approaching and with it all its varieties of fruit and vegetables.

But, with the arrival of September, we must not forget one of our favourite and most versatile vegetables, which is always present in a multitude of consumers' homes: courgettes.

Would you like to know more about the properties and benefits for our organism that are present in courgettes? Read on!

Courgette, an essential ingredient of the Mediterranean diet


This rich vegetable is known for its high vitamin and, at the same time, its low calorie content. Thanks to its high water content (95%), it is very common in slimming diets.

In addition, courgettes nourish the body with vitamins A and C and, to a lesser extent, with vitamins E and B.

It is distinguished by its tender texture and slightly sweet taste, and can be found in different colours from the deepest green to yellow.

Undoubtedly, it is one of the great protagonists of the Mediterranean diet in our kitchens. Moreover, given its versatility, it can be eaten roasted, baked, prepared in a cold courgette cream or even as a sauce.

Apart from this, courgettes have certain properties that are very beneficial for our health, which we will tell you about!

  • In a natural regulator of our weight:

Courgettes have a high fibre and water content, which, together with their low calorie content, help us to control our hunger as they are really satiating. In addition, it provides our body with all the nutrients it needs instead of a higher food intake.

  • Helps to reduce cholesterol:

It is a vegetable with antioxidant properties so that it helps our organism to eliminate "bad" cholesterol and delays oxidation.

  • Lowers blood pressure:

Courgettes are high in potassium and magnesium, which help to reduce blood pressure. It is recommended for people with high blood pressure due to its properties.

  • Contributes to our cardiovascular health

As a food rich in magnesium, it helps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents. On the other hand, its folic acid content directly attacks "homocysteine", a type of amino acid that in high levels is related to heart problems.

  • Helps in the prevention of cancer:

As we have mentioned, courgettes have a high fibre content, which helps regulate our intestinal health and minimises the risk of the appearance of cancer-causing toxins. In addition, vitamins A and C, due to their properties, help to destroy cancer-causing bodies in our organism.

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