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This course will make your lunch much healthier!

Healthy lunch

Maintaining a balanced and healthy diet is essential for our health.

In the case of children, we can say that it is even more important, since we must provide them with all the nutrients necessary for their proper growth, so that their bones and muscles develop healthy and strong.

Preparing appropriate lunches will involve a small effort that will surely benefit our children, as well as initiating them to maintain correct healthy habits and ensuring that, by including fruit and vegetables in them, they eat part of the 5 pieces recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO) on a daily basis.

Here are some ideas to help you make your children's lunch the healthiest one possible.

Healthy school lunch ideas with lots of fruit and vegetables

To understand the importance of breakfast and lunch, according to the Spanish Food Safety Agency, between them about 25 or 30% of children's nutritional needs should be covered.

Here are some ideas to make it easier for you to prepare the best healthy lunches with fruit and vegetables and, above all, say goodbye to processed foods or juices.

Fruit and vegetable smoothies

Homemade smoothies are an easy and simple way to get a healthy and nutritious addition to your lunch.

  • For example, a banana and spinach smoothie has a sweet taste and a look that is sure to catch their attention. Just throw a banana, a handful of spinach, a plain yoghurt and a glass of milk in the blender and in a few seconds you will have a complete and nutritious smoothie.


  • We can also combine with yoghurt and milk, fruits such as strawberries, pineapple or mango and banana with the same result.


  • Of course, it is also advisable to include a small tupper with washed and cut fruit in your backpack.

Nutritious snacks and sandwiches

Sandwiches and sandwiches are undoubtedly the lunch of choice. But that doesn't mean we can't make them just as healthy.

  • Including a tortilla in sandwiches or sandwiches for lunch is a good solution. It can also be combined with cheese, avocado or vegetables such as spinach for a tasty mix.


  • Another alternative that we recommend for its flavour is the turkey, avocado and tomato sandwich. Surely there are few options with more nutrients.

Cereals and yoghurt

Cereal and yoghurt are quick and convenient options for lunch when they are a little older. They can also be combined with any fruit or nut for added nutrients.

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