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Organic production certification: Commitment to Quality and the Environment.


In the world of agriculture and food, organic production certification is a hallmark of quality and commitment to the environment. In the Valencia Region, the Organic Agriculture Committee (CAECV) is the authority in charge of granting this certification, ensuring that agri-food products comply with rigorous standards of sustainability and respect for nature. 

Organic farming is much more than a production system: it is a commitment to high quality food, free of chemical residues and with minimal environmental impact. It is based on the optimal use of natural resources, preserving plant and animal biodiversity, and promoting the sustainable development of local communities. 

In this context, CAECV certification plays a fundamental role. It guarantees that the products have been produced or processed according to strict organic farming standards, and that they have been controlled at all stages of the process, from primary production to marketing. 

Organic operators, under this certification, are subject to regular inspections to ensure compliance with the established standards. This includes the control of production, preparation, packaging, transport and marketing of products. In addition, activities such as labelling, advertising, import and export, among others, are supervised. 

To obtain this certification, operators must notify our activity to the corresponding Autonomous Community (in our case we must notify the CAECV as it is the authority in charge of this certification in the Autonomous Community) and submit to a rigorous control regime established by the Committee, in accordance with the regulations in force. This process ensures transparency and confidence for both producers and consumers, promoting a more responsible and sustainable model of agriculture. 

In summary, the organic production certification of the CAECV is a symbol of quality, environmental commitment and respect for the environment. By choosing products with this certification, we are not only taking care of our health, but also contributing to the preservation of the environment and the development of a more sustainable agriculture. 

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