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This Christmas, enjoy the best seasonal produce

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December is already the month that ushers in winter. Surely during these months we are in the habit of preparing meals for our clients to face the cold weather.

In addition, the queen of meals, celebrations and events comes with Christmas, and with it comes the gathering of family and friends around a table.

As is to be expected, these are days when we are all going to overeat, regardless of the fear of the scales after the festive season.

However, why not make vegetables and fruit essential dishes this Christmas? During this time of year we find a wide variety of seasonal products. Tasty food that is at its best and that will also make our meals a bit healthier.

Why should fruit and vegetables be part of our Christmas menus?


From a healthy point of view, in the case of vegetables, they are foods with a high antioxidant power that will help to purify the heaviness of the continuous Christmas meals. In addition, vegetables are very easy to integrate into many recipes, either as a garnish, as a starter or salad or even prepared as a cream.

With fruit, we are also getting an extra dose of vitamins and energy that we surely need these days.

What are the benefits and why consume seasonal products?


When we think of seasonal products, we must understand that as they are fresh and at their optimum point of ripeness, they will provide our organism with a greater supply of nutrients and vitamins.

Furthermore, by consuming seasonal fruit and vegetables we contribute, even if we don't realise it, to caring for the environment. On the one hand, as the produce is fresh and harvested at this time of year, the pollution generated by transport is significantly reduced. On the other hand, the consumption of fruit and vegetables means that we have to collect and harvest more, thus helping to absorb the levels of CO2 present in the environment.

What are the seasonal products for this Christmas?


During these dates we have a large amount of seasonal products that we can include in the succulent recipes typical of these dates. Tasty, energetic and full of nutrients food that will enrich and give a plus to our diet.

When it comes to fruit, the fruit par excellence are undoubtedly citrus fruits such as oranges and mandarins. They also provide us with a large dose of vitamin C, which will come in very handy in the cold months.

Of course, the grapethe great queen of the last night of the year. But it is not only for that day that we should keep it in mind. Grapes are at their best, with a sweet taste that makes it impossible to stop eating them on many occasions.

Although it may not be one of the fruits that we eat, it is easy to find grenades at this time of year, which, as well as being antioxidant, have anti-inflammatory properties.

Finally, as far as fruit is concerned, we must not forget the pineapple. Its diuretic properties will be especially helpful for digestion after meals and dinners these days.

In the case of vegetables, we find a wide variety of seasonal products. As we have already mentioned, many of them can become excellent garnishes for your Christmas recipes.

For example, artichokes and the infinite number of options it offers us. Boiled, grilled, fried.... even as a side dish or sautéed as a starter.

The same applies to the courgette. Its mild, nutrient-packed flavour can be enjoyed in a myriad of ways and combinations.

The broccoli is another of the products that deserves its place at this time of year. Although it may not be the most popular vegetable, it deserves to be given another chance. Of course, it must be cooked to its exact cooking point to appreciate its true flavour.

Finally, the aubergine is another of the vegetables that cannot be missed this Christmas. Either as a garnish or cooked in thin sticks with honey, it is an easy-to-eat vegetable that children usually love.

Iberiana, quality all year round


The products we offer at Iberiana maintain their quality standard 365 days a year.

For this purpose, we alternate different ripening times of the products in cooperation with the main producers in the growing areas.

Many of our products come from Spain and Italy, growing areas where we find the necessary sunshine for the best growing conditions.

Over the last few years we have expanded our collaboration with producers from the Netherlands, Peru, South Africa and India to name but a few.

We always look for the best growing conditions depending on the season of each product so that we can always have fresh, seasonal products with the highest quality guarantee.

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