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Sustainability, more than just a word, one of our most important values

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We are aware that our planet is increasingly suffering the consequences of man's hand, affecting our ecosystem, our natural environment and with terrible consequences due to pollution.

At Iberiana we work every day to think of new solutions that provide sustainable values throughout the entire value chain.

As a company that markets natural products, we believe we have an obligation to do as much as possible in each of our projects to reduce our environmental impact.

In this respect, we assume our responsibility, together with our suppliers, to achieve solutions that allow future generations to continue to enjoy the products that nature has to offer.

Sustainable packaging:


A fundamental aspect for Iberiana is the search for packaging solutions that respect our philosophy and help to preserve the quality of our products without compromising the future of the planet.

For this reason, we work closely with different manufacturers in order to be at the forefront of the sector and to be able to offer them innovative and sustainable packaging that can be adapted to their needs.

Our packaging solutions minimise the use of plastic in packaging.

Iberiana anticipated the importance of sustainable solutions for product packaging and we started to look for solutions for modern and responsible packaging, using new materials and technologies.

Integrated crop improvement:


Our aim is none other than to increase the quality of our products while respecting the environment.

Crop protection with natural means can replace conventional methods, provided that the specific needs of each type of product are taken into account.

Protective netting and ground covers have shown good results against germination of unwanted airborne seeds.

Our quality control managers are constantly searching for new solutions to eliminate phytosanitary products without compromising the quality of our products.



We work with specialised producers in this area with the aim of protecting flora and fauna. Thanks to this type of initiative, populations of animal species such as partridges, foxes, eagles, storks and wild boar have been able to reproduce in their natural habitats.

We take nature and the environment into account in all our production processes. Our logistics ensure delivery by the most direct route possible and the vehicles that transport the goods are distinguished by their environmentally friendly equipment, so that gas emissions and noise pollution are reduced to a minimum.



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