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Products from all over the world to ensure best quality

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Working with the best suppliers to obtain the best products. This is Iberiana's main objective, our raison d'être.

Many of our products come from Spain and Italy, two growing areas where the plants can enjoy many hours of sunshine a day. In addition, our soil offers unbeatable conditions for growing both fruit and vegetables.

We must understand that the climatic variety of the Spanish territory allows for different types of agriculture and crops: from the warmest regions in Andalusia where we find excellent quality vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers or courgettes depending on the time of year; the temperate temperatures found in the Mediterranean giving rise to olive trees, figs, and, of course, citrus fruits such as oranges and without forgetting the altitude that we can find in the Pyrenees and its red fruits.

Apart from Spain, in Italy we have always found growing conditions very similar to those found in Spain. The transalpine country is gradually ceasing to be known for the production and export of the best pasta, it is also known for the quality of its fruit such as apples, pears and kiwis, with ideal growing conditions, as well as the wide variety and quality of its lettuces.

Iberiana, we cross borders to achieve the best production.


As well as working with the best producers in Spain and Italy, in recent years we have extended our borders so that we can find the best fruit and vegetables on our tables all year round.

In order to ensure that our products are always grown in the best possible conditions, in recent years we have expanded our cultivation areas around the world to include countries such as Holland, Peru, Morocco, South Africa, India, Egypt and Costa Rica.

Controlled Production Products.


All our products come from Controlled and Integrated Production.

What does this mean?

All of Iberiana's fruit and vegetable production is controlled by our technical team of agronomists. They are in charge of monitoring and controlling all the production we control, whatever its origin, as well as recommending and implementing the best agricultural practices for each type of crop.

Our technical team is responsible for advising our producers on:

  • The different aspects of the crops such as varieties or climatology.
  • The most suitable type of irrigation for each product.
  • The type of fertiliser needed and most recommended.
  • The products authorised to combat each type of pest to be dealt with, as well as the exact time for treatment and the quantity required.


Integrated Production is based on Controlled Production, with the difference that, to combat pests, the technicians use natural enemies such as insects.

This form of cultivation is mainly used in glasshouse agriculture. There, natural enemies are very effective because they are kept inside the enclosure.

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