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Pioneers in the application of control systems for the prevention of contamination in our products.

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The vigilance and control over the products is a differential value in Iberiana.

Since our beginnings we have given great importance to food safety, being pioneers in the application of control systems for the prevention of potential risks in the contamination of products.

Our control system allows us to issue results within 48 hours. In this way, we can react to any incident before the goods reach their destination, which also means greater security for our customers.

In the same way, all our suppliers must undergo an intensive control by our quality supervisors before starting their cooperation with Iberiana.

Get to know our Integral Control System:

Our Integral Control system ensures the traceability of each product, from its plantation to the point of sale. All products are labelled with a code that allows us to trace the origin of the goods in the shortest possible time, so we can determine their origin as well as the producer and the specific field from which a product comes.

First of all, our agronomists check the growing conditions and the development of the fruit at source, carrying out daily inspections of the harvesting process, handling and transport conditions.

In the same way, both the transport packaging and the packaging for subsequent sale are inspected for compliance with food regulations, labelling, weight .....

Once the goods arrive at the point of delivery, our quality technicians in the country of destination check the arrival of the goods and send out evaluations on the same day of receipt.

It is important to note that deliveries are inspected at the place of destination in accordance with the legal requirements established according to the legislation in force in each country.

In this sense, at Iberiana we only work with laboratories recognised by the health authorities of the destination country, guaranteeing the objectivity of the results. All analyses are carried out in accordance with the accreditation standards and laboratories certified by QS.

This enables us to keep our customers informed about the entire production process.

Quality controls, transparency and traceability are a matter of course for Iberiana. Our experience backs us up and allows us to guarantee top quality products to both the trade and the end consumer.

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