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Iberiana testing ground: passing on our best legacy to future generations

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As a company, we firmly believe that it is our obligation to leave the best possible legacy.

Whether we are trying to reduce our environmental impact as much as possible or to promote respect for nature among the younger generations, the fact is that our products have a natural origin, which is why we like to transmit the necessary awareness of the importance of taking care of our environment and our products.

Today we would like to tell you about our testing ground and the educational visits we carry out there to do our bit for the little ones.

Why do we carry out educational visits for schools and institutes?


As mentioned, we love the idea of helping to leave the best possible legacy for future generations as well as for our environment and ecosystem.

Our activity would be nothing without our natural environment, so, on the one hand, we can say that "we are a little indebted" to it, and on the other hand, we think it is very important that the children who will be our future understand the importance of caring for and respecting our environment and all that it offers us.

In addition, during the visits we try to instil, as far as possible, the importance of integrating fruit and vegetables as the basis of our diet and all the benefits it brings to our health.

What do the visits to Iberiana's test fields consist of?


In the Iberiana test field, the pupils learn how curious the cultivation of natural products is and how it is worthwhile to observe and taste all the flavours found in the different fruits.

Our field is conceived and designed so that during the visits it is possible to learn about the cultivation and harvesting of citrus fruits, as well as the analysis of the different flavours and the growth of new varieties of fruit unknown to all of them.

The pupils will therefore be able to observe how orange trees grow, for example, and how the fruit is harvested, as well as tasting freshly squeezed juices from different varieties of oranges.

But we not only focus on explaining and teaching the different varieties of fruit and their cultivation, but also on other aspects related to our activity and environmental care. During the visits, our professionals also place special emphasis on the importance and how it is possible to save money thanks to different cultivation and irrigation techniques.

At Iberiana we are committed to ensuring that the new generations receive this attractive and varied apprenticeship in fruit and vegetables".


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