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Does eating vegetables on a daily basis change our bodies?

Consume fruit daily

Eating 5 pieces of fruit and/or vegetables a day, or about 400 grams a day, has enough known health benefits that it should always be taken into account and integrated into our daily diet.

But, in addition, eating vegetables every day, apart from preventing illnesses, increases our life expectancy along with certain changes that, although we do not always notice them, are produced in our organism for our benefit.


Why should our diet be based on fruit and vegetables?

Fruit and vegetables are essential to a healthy lifestyle and diet. Generally speaking, they are foods that provide us with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory elements and prevent the onset of numerous diseases, especially those related to multiple types of cancer.

The composition of most of them means that they have a notable satiating power, which is why they help us to maintain or control our weight.

At the same time, the amount of micronutrients present in fruit and vegetables is of vital importance for our organism, as they help to prevent the oxidation that our body gradually undergoes.

5 benefits of eating fruit and vegetables every day

As we have mentioned, fruit and vegetables are the fundamental basis of a healthy and balanced diet.

Here we tell you how this is reflected in our bodies.

  • Helps to regulate our digestive system:

Fruits and vegetables are foods rich in fibre. Their daily consumption helps regulate the digestive system and prevents constipation, as well as making us feel much less heavy.

  • Boost for our immune system:

Eating fruit and vegetables provides us with the vitamins and minerals our bodies need, as well as activating our immune system.

Also in relation to the previous point, they favour our microbiota and help in the digestive process.

  • Increased life expectancy:

Fibre intake as well as the vitamins, minerals and saturated fats present in some of the fruits and vegetables help to lower the so-called "bad cholesterol" and triglycerides in the blood.

All of this reduces the risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease or accidents.

  • It helps to improve our physical appearance:

The antioxidants present in both fruit and vegetables help us to slow down the deterioration of our organism and, therefore, to delay our ageing.

In addition, the high percentage of water in most of them, as well as the vitamins, improve the appearance of our skin and prevent its deterioration due to exposure to the sun or environmental factors.

  • Improvement of our mood:

In both cases we are dealing with foods that help to combat stress and contribute to improving our mood. Fruits and vegetables contain nutrients that promote the production of serotonin, related to the neurotransmitters that make us feel a more positive mood.

In addition, manganese, potassium, sodium or vitamin C improve our sleep and thus the repair of our body's cells.


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