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Horticulture 2024: Overcoming challenges for a sustainable future.

Horticulture 2024

Horticulture, as a key part of the agricultural industry, faces a number of challenges by 2024.

The growing demand for fresh and healthy food, the high temperatures during many months of the year and the need to address environmental and sustainability issues, pose significant challenges for fruit and vegetable producers.

What are these main challenges?

Climate change continues to be a major threat to horticulture. Extreme weather events, changes in rainfall patterns and unpredictable temperatures can affect fruit and vegetable production. Growers, therefore, need to adopt climate-resilient farming practices and explore crop varieties adapted to changing conditions.

As discussed in previous posts (link to water post), limited water availability is a critical challenge in many regions of the world. Horticulture, being water-intensive, must bring in efficient irrigation practices and explore water conservation technologies.

In addition, pests or diseases affecting crops are becoming increasingly resistant to pesticides. Farmers and growers will therefore need to implement new integrated pest management strategies that include biological methods, crop rotation and non-chemical control techniques. Continued research is key to developing effective and sustainable solutions.

Do market trends affect fruit and vegetable production?

Consumer preferences are constantly evolving, and horticulture must adapt to these trends. The demand for organic, local and sustainable products is on the rise.

Increased demand for organic and sustainable products has led producers to adopt greener farming practices and seek organic certifications.

On the other hand, the fruit and vegetable world will become increasingly dependent on technology. Automation in planting, harvesting and post-harvest handling can improve efficiency and reduce costs.

In short, horticulture faces complex but not insurmountable challenges. Innovation, sustainability and adaptability will be the keys to overcoming these obstacles and building a future where fruit and vegetable production is not only abundant, but also sustainable and healthy for our planet and its inhabitants.

At Iberiana we are constantly evolving and continuously improving in order to address all these challenges in the best possible way. 

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