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The cherry season begins

In the next few days we are going to start the cherry campaign and IBERIANA FRUCHT has travelled to the first production areas to see the quality and evolution of the cherries on the ground.

As far as the packing warehouses are concerned, we can state that our suppliers have the latest technology to guarantee the quality of the cherries. They all work with "Hydrocooling" at the entrance of the fruit and also with refrigerated water in the whole process line, as well as having calibrators with quality discernment and diversified packaging machinery that allows us to make all types of packaging, trays, thermosealed trays, carry bags or bulk.

This year's season is looking good because the weather we have had so far has been very favourable, and in the last few weeks we have had minimum temperatures of 6-7 degrees and maximum temperatures of around 20 degrees, so the cherries are ripening a little slower and this is why we should have strong cherries with a high sugar level.

The first variety that we will be able to work with is Royal Tioga which, if the weather continues as it has been so far, we will be able to start serving for KW 18, but the quantities of this variety are small.

From KW 19 we will be able to serve normal quantities with the entry of the Nimba and Red Pacific varieties and we will be able to extend the campaign until KW 27/28.



As our suppliers are located in different production areas, it helps us to have continuity, as cherry is a product that depends a lot on the climate, we diversify the risk, but in addition to this, of the 50,000 tons that our suppliers produce, they have approximately 40% of the cherry under anti-rain plastic.




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