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Organic products

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It is becoming increasingly common to find ORGANIC products in our supermarkets. In fact, there are now shops specialising in sustainable products, with the aim of caring for and respecting the environment. Over the years, we have managed to raise awareness among the population of the importance of everything we do for the well-being of the planet.

At Iberiana, we have always shown a concern for this aspect and a predisposition to do everything we can in our different areas of work. That is why, in 2005, we started marketing ORGANIC products. From that moment until now, the range of products of this kind that we offer has not stopped growing.

What is an organic product?


An ORGANIC product is synonymous with natural food where no chemical fertilisers or artificial substances such as additives, colourings or flavourings are used.

They are also products with a specific label certifying that the food complies with EU standards for organic products.

How do we know that we are dealing with an ORGANIC product?


Over time, the characteristics that these products must possess in order to be called ORGANIC have been extended and clarified. Brands and consumers themselves are the ones who are demanding requirements and are making the market for these products evolve.

To know if we are really dealing with these products, we will have to look at their label. This is where we will see the seals that certify that the product's origin is organic.

At Iberiana, we have specific certifications on production and labelling for organic products, and thanks to an exhaustive control of both suppliers and the rest of the points in the supply chain, we achieve our objective of offering a quality product with the maximum guarantees.

Benefits of organic products


We would like to remind you of three major benefits of consuming ORGANIC products.

  • They contribute to the care of biodiversity. Treating species well means conserving the variety of species in ecosystems.
  • They have a big advantage: the peace of mind of knowing that the food you are going to eat is going to be very tasty and, in addition, it is going to take care of your health and that of the planet.
  • They have a higher nutritional intake. As no fertilisers have been used during cultivation, they retain all their nutritional qualities.

We do not want to close this article without reminding you that at Iberiana, in addition to ORGANIC products, we offer our customers the best conventional products which, in themselves, already undergo rigorous quality systems. In addition, we have expanded our offer with Demeter products, the result of biodynamic agriculture, which we encourage you to get to know.

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