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A fundamental pillar of a Mediterranean diet!

Among the great variety of oils that exist, it is without a doubt the extra virgin olive oilThe highest quality olive oil. We are talking about pure juice extracted from the olive by means of mechanical procedures, generally using the centrifugation process. In no case is the oil subjected to the refining process. The levels of chemical acidity are lower than 0.8º and organoleptically they are of the highest quality. has no defects whatsoever. It is undoubtedly the best oil for this reason, as its nutritional properties remain intact.

Among the benefits of including the extra virgin olive oil in our diet we find: a beneficial effect on bone calcification, it has a protective effect on the skin, it favours the absorption of calcium, it helps to reduce cholesterol, it has a great antioxidant power and it is also beneficial for diabetics as it helps to control glucose levels.

Naturally, all our extra virgin olive oil comes from Spain. This is not surprising, as Spain is the world's largest producer of olive oil in terms of surface area and production.


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