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Dandelion: the great unknown

We are all aware of the great variety of flowers that surround us. However, at Iberiana, we work to provide our customers with dandelion. This flower (with its leaves and stems), can be eaten in its natural raw state (in salads, for example) or it can also be eaten cooked. The root is usually consumed as a substitute for tea or coffee once dried and ground.

It has high healing properties, and has been shown to be a herbaceous plant whose roots and leaves are used as a natural medicine for digestive disorders. Because of its bitter taste it also has an aperitif effect and can be used to whet the appetite.

It is native to Europe and Asia, but can now be found all over the world. It grows in meadows, wastelands, roadside ditches and even in flowerpots! However, the dandelion that you can find with Iberiana originates from Italy.


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