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Enjoy the best kiwis in season!

By 6 September 2023No Comments

When we think of exotic and tropical fruits, the image of a kiwi probably comes to mind.

Its characteristic deep green colour and sweet and sour flavour make it a unique and delicious fruit.

But beyond its appearance and taste, the kiwi is also packed with health benefits thanks to its high vitamin C content.

Coinciding with the beginning of its season, we tell you some curiosities and interesting facts about this fruit.

Kiwis with different colours and flavours

The flesh of kiwis can be of different colours, not only green, depending on the variety.

At Iberiana, In addition to green kiwis, we also distribute yellow and red kiwis and the kiwi berry or kiwiño variety.

All our varieties originate from production fields in Italy, where, due to their characteristics, we find the highest quality products.

Below, we will look at the differences between them:

  • Green kiwi: is the most common type of kiwi. Its skin is brown and covered by a layer similar to small hairs, and its pulp is green. In this case, its flesh is juicy and has a sweet and slightly acid taste. It is known for its high vitamin C and fibre content.


  • Yellow kiwi: also known as golden kiwifruit, is a more recent variety that has gained popularity in recent years. Unlike the green kiwifruit, the yellow kiwifruit has a smooth, shiny skin of this colour. Its flesh is a deep golden colour and has a sweeter and more tropical taste than green kiwifruit.


  • Red kiwi: it is a variant of the green or yellow kiwifruit, in which the red pigment anthocyanin has been naturally modified. The reddish colour in the central area of the fruit, where the seeds are located, is very striking. Its taste is characterised by being sweeter than the two previous ones.


  • Kiwi Berry: unlike the previous ones, kiwifruit berries are small and rounded in shape, similar to grapes. They have a smooth, edible, light green or light brown skin.

Kiwifruit, a natural source of vitamin C and multiple benefits

The kiwi is a fruit with a high vitamin C content, even higher than oranges.

Moreover, this is a fruit that, due to its composition, is not fattening. Its fibre content is highly recommended in cases of constipation.

Other benefits of kiwifruit for our health: they strengthen our immune system, promote our cardiovascular health, are highly recommended for our eyesight and contribute to the care of our skin in a natural way.

How should we select the best kiwis?

When selecting them, it is important to choose those that are firm but still yield slightly to pressure.

Kiwifruit that are too soft or wrinkled should be avoided. Kiwifruits do not ripen on the tree, so they can be bought slightly green and ripen at room temperature for a few days.

Once ripe, it is advisable to store them in the fridge to prolong their good condition. However, it is always better to consume them as soon as possible to make the most of their nutrients.

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