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14 June: Cucumber Day

Cucumber Day

World Cucumber Day is celebrated on 14 June, with the aim of highlighting its properties, flavour and versatility.

Present in countless recipes, whether salads, cold creams or side dishes, cucumber has become a staple of the Mediterranean diet.

However, to locate its origins, we must travel back 3,000 years to India, where the first written references to cucumber are documented, and from where it spread to Greece and Italy. In fact, it is thought that it was the Romans who introduced it to other parts of Europe, making it one of the most widely consumed plants thanks to its many nutritional properties.

At Iberiana we work with the best suppliers in order to be able to serve the best cucumber qualities.

map of cucumber origins

Thus, practically all year round, we make it possible for us to obtain the highest quality products from the Netherlands, Italy or Morocco and distribute them to all our customers.

Is cucumber consumption good for our health?

Cucumber has multiple properties for our health and, consequently, for the proper functioning of our organism.

For starters, about 95% of its composition is water, which, especially in these hot months, helps to keep us well hydrated.

Cucumber is a natural diuretic and contributes significantly to preventing fluid retention.

It has numerous antioxidant properties thanks to its beta-carotene, vitamin C, manganese and some flavonoid compounds.

It has an outstanding potassium and magnesium content, which helps to keep blood pressure and cardiovascular health under control.

This is a very low-calorie food and, therefore, highly recommended when trying to maintain or lose weight.

It helps to improve our digestion due to its high percentage of water and fibre.

And finally, .is a great natural moisturiser for our skin, often used in facial treatments and masks.

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