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Is totally environmentally friendly packaging possible?

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As most of you know, packaging is one of the most important calling cards for any company. A first impression that can quickly generate a positive impact on customers or consumers.

However, we cannot ignore the fact that our planet is in the midst of an unprecedented climate crisis, which requires businesses to take that first step and show a strong commitment to the environment by integrating most sustainable measures as part of our actions and processes.

As you know, at Iberiana, we have taken up the gauntlet from the very first moment, trying by all means to implement sustainable measures hand in hand with our suppliers, from initiatives to protect our ecosystems to the responsible use of all our water resources.

All this has made us consider the feasibility of going a little further. As we mentioned at the beginning, packaging is necessary in our sector, which moves millions and millions of orders every year, therefore, Is it possible to achieve eco-friendly packaging that is as environmentally friendly as possible?

What guidelines do we follow for the eco-design of our packaging?

The search for packaging solutions that respect our philosophy and help to preserve the quality of our products without compromising the future of the planet has long been a maxim at Iberiana.

To get an idea of how necessary our contribution is, we only need to bear in mind, for example, that a plastic bag or product takes 20 years to decompose while cardboard takes only 1 year.

For this reason, at Iberiana we are committed to collaborating with different packaging companies with the aim of offering more environmentally friendly and innovative packaging, which also minimises the use of plastic throughout the distribution chain.

In order to do this, we use three guidelines that we implement in our packaging to ensure that it meets sustainability criteria as far as possible:

  • Reducing the environmental impact of packaging:

Our packaging materials are produced trying to minimise the presence of metals such as lead, cadmium or mercury because of the adverse effects they can cause in our ecosystem.

  • Reduction of packaging weight:

We work with the latest technology to reduce the thickness of plastics in packaging materials, for example, in flowpacks or tubs, or even to reduce the width of the bands, thus reducing the weight of plastic per kg of fruit packaged.

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