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Zumo de granada: ¡El gran aliado antioxidante!

There are as many varieties of juices as you can imagine. But if there is one juice that we work with, it is the pomegranate juice. For centuries, pomegranate juice and its properties have been known in many cultures as a natural medicine. This juice, like its fruit, has a high antioxidant power, and is very rich in Vitamin C.

The pomegranate is the fleshy fruit of the pomegranate tree, a small tree of no more than five metres in height that acclimatises very well to semi-arid areas of the Mediterranean, like the olive or orange tree. It is a food with the necessary nutrients to become one of the fruits with the highest nutritional value. nutritional and antioxidant properties that are most beneficial to our health.

El principal productor mundial de granadas, es España, y por tanto, es el mayor exportador europeo.


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