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New year, new challenges, new illusions

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We are starting a new year and we do so with the greatest enthusiasm. The trust that, for yet another year, you have placed in us does nothing but encourage and motivate us to continue doing what we like best, our raison d'être: to work so that the products that reach consumers are more and more and better.

A benchmark in innovation and knowledge of the sector


As you know, we work with producers from different parts of the world so that we can always offer seasonal fruit and vegetables as fresh as possible.

But is it enough to supply a market where consumers are increasingly aware of and interested in new products and varieties?

At Iberiana we believe that we must constantly analyse our sector, that is, be aware of all the innovations and trends that may arise in order to provide the most immediate response and even, if possible, be one step ahead.

To give you a topical example. Over the last few years you have surely noticed how interest in food care has grown. We live in a society that is increasingly aware of the importance of maintaining good eating habits as part of our health care. We can say that food is no longer just a matter of taste, but that more and more consumers are making healthy eating a way of life.

Therefore, the interest in the important benefits that fruit and vegetables bring to our organism also has its correspondence in a greater knowledge on the part of the consumer, who demands greater variety in the product ranges, so we must be prepared to be able to meet this demand.

Social Action, always in our sights


One of our priorities is always our commitment to society in all areas where we can act as a company.

When we talk about commitment, we are not only thinking about the future we are going to leave to our children. As we have told you, the sustainability is one of our central themes and work to reduce the impact we leave on our environment.

But our commitment is also to all our employees and suppliers. We are convinced that the best way to evolve and implement our projects is by working with all of them as if we were a single team.

At Iberiana, we not only comply with international labour standards, such as the international GRASP standard. We have our own code of conduct and carry out specific audits of all our employees to monitor any issues related to discrimination, child labour and respect for fair pay.

But apart from that, we always think that we are indebted to society. A society that has helped us to grow every year with its trust.

In this sense, we have found in sport a way to do our bit to help raise awareness of the importance of fruit and vegetable consumption.

At Iberiana we are convinced of the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle. That is why we seek to promote it from different areas, ranging from food to sport.

During this year we have actively participated in various charity races, such as "Sagunt against cancer" with the Spanish Association against Cancer, not only by sponsoring the race, but also by participating as runners and distributing fruit to the participants at the end of the race.

We are also aware that the children of today will be the adults of tomorrow, which is why, when we have the opportunity, we like to try to ensure that children grow up in an environment that allows them to develop in different areas. For yet another year, we have continued to support the football campus held in the La Coma neighbourhood in Paterna (Valencia), organised so that more children have access to sport, its educational values and a healthy lifestyle.

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