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Discover the benefits of seasonal fruit

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The consumption of seasonal fruit has important benefits, not only for our health, but also contributes to the sustainability and balance of the food chain by reducing energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions generated by transport.

In terms of our diet, eating seasonal fruit provides our body with a greater number of nutrients as it is grown and harvested at the right time of year, making it a much more natural fruit.

Do you want to know why and which fruits are the most recommendable depending on the time of year?


The seasonal products are always fresh. This is especially noticeable in their taste. In addition, seasonal products mean that we largely avoid processed products.

In the cultivation of all fruits and vegetables, the climate is essential. In this way, cultivation is carried out within the natural cycle required for each product. When harvested at the right time, the food retains its nutritional properties and full flavour.

In addition, seasonal products are more environmentally friendly, as they have no pesticide residues or fertilisers that help their cultivation when they are out of season.

Iberiana, quality all year round


The products we offer at Iberiana maintain their quality standard 365 days a year.

For this purpose, we alternate different ripening times of the products in cooperation with the main producers in the growing areas.

Many of our products come from Spain and Italy, growing areas where we find the necessary sunshine for the best growing conditions.

Over the last few years we have expanded our collaboration with producers from the Netherlands, Peru, South Africa and India to name but a few.

We always look for the best growing conditions depending on the season of each product so that we can always have fresh, seasonal products with the highest quality guarantee.

What fruits and vegetables are found in each season?


Fruit and vegetables are seasonal products. As we have mentioned, the cultivation and quality of the products are totally related to the climate and the harvesting season.

At our calendar you can find out which fruits and vegetables are ideal to eat at each time of the year.


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