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Discover our varieties of peppers

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Peppers are one of the most widespread and widely consumed vegetables in Spain.

The great variety of peppers in our supermarkets means that we can find peppers of different colours, whether red, green or yellow, of different sizes, even with sweeter, more intense or even spicy flavours. However, there is one thing they all have in common: their health benefits and properties.

Apart from that, it is a product that stands out for its versatility when it comes to eating it, whether raw in salads, roasted, fried or as a garnish with meat or fish. With their peculiarities, they all have in common that they are a product that is fully integrated into our Mediterranean diet and that rarely does not appear in the recipe books of our homes.

But let's start at the beginning. Originally, the pepper was a vegetable that originated in America, specifically in the area between Bolivia and Peru, was brought to Spain by the first discoverers and quickly spread all over the world. In fact, it is a food that is also used and widespread in Asia.

What are the benefits and properties of peppers?

Perhaps one of the least known aspects of this vegetable is its incredible vitamin C content. In fact, just 100 grams of capsicum contains approximately 200mg of vitamin C, three times more than oranges!

In addition, they have a not inconsiderable vitamin A content, which, together with vitamin C, strengthens the immune system and has antioxidant properties.

Due to their high percentage of water and low calorie and fat content, they are highly recommended for many diets, especially low-calorie diets. In addition, its high fibre content has satiating properties, so its consumption can help us to lose and control our weight. The consumption of this vegetable gives a feeling of satiety, being very useful in weight control diets and helps to reduce the cholesterol present in our blood.

Another of its qualities is its diuretic power, given its high potassium and very low sodium content, which increases urine production, helping our organism to eliminate toxins more quickly, in addition to liquids.

Finally, we must not forget that peppers are highly recommended for women during pregnancy. Peppers are one of the vegetables with the highest folate content, a vitamin necessary for the correct development of the foetus during the first weeks.

Iberiana, the largest variety of peppers on the market

One of the most outstanding products due to the number of varieties we can find are peppers.

Perhaps the variety we are most accustomed to is the California, the one we find most easily, whether they are red, green, yellow or even orange peppers. Their high demand and consumption means that, in order to have them available all year round, apart from our suppliers in Spain, we are also obliged to select those from countries such as Italy, Holland or Morocco, so that we can satisfy the needs of our customers.

There are also more exotic varieties, such as the "corno" peppers that we harvest in Morocco, which are ideal for roasting, or the variety for lovers of hotter flavours in the "FireFlame" peppers.

The same applies to the "sweetbite" variety, one of the most recent and sought-after varieties of the same origin. This pepper is characterised by its small size and intense flavour, which makes it even a fun snack.

But, undoubtedly, when we talk about peppers, one of our most international and recognised varieties is the Padrón pepper, a pepper with a designation of origin and which can be found all year round grown in Spain. Who has never succumbed to the risk of finding out whether it is hot or not?

Would you like to know more about our variety of peppers and vegetables?

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