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solidary Iberiana

27. DIC 2016

Iberiana took part on the delivery of fruit and vegetables together with Caritas to families as every years tradition.

It is important for Iberiana to be able to collaborate throughout the whole year with Caritas, not only during this years time period.


success for the iberiana team

26. OCT 2016

Last weekend some of Iberiana's staff members participated in a solidarity race. By now the Iberiana team has increased to 11 members, offspring included.

sagunto16news3In the team score the Iberiana team finished in an excellent second place. Though more important for the participants was the fun they had before, during and after the race. And as always, all participants could regain strength with fresh fruit from Iberiana.sagunto16news2




campoex1newswe never know enough!

12. SEP 2016

This summer we amplified and modernized our research field. Apart from citrus fruits we now cultivate a lot of other fruit species.

For a couple of years now our quality technicians have observed on this research field the most important citrus varieties. Oranges, mandarins, lemons and grapefruits grow there on more than 80 trees and give us interesting information about growing conditions and season development.


For a better protection of the fruits we have now covered this research field with a net. This also gives us the possibility to cultivate integrated farming where the natural enemies of the vermin are used for pest control. In an extra section different stone fruit and  seedless grape species were planted as well.


In front of each plant there is a detailed information which helps us to explain the characteristics and differences of each variety to the clients visiting us. On additional bill boards they get an overview of harvesting seasons and grouping of the different fruit species.




pluot16newsa pluot? what is it actually?

5. JUL 2016

A Pluot is a natural hybrid between plum and apricot. We can enjoy these rich fruits from the end of June until September.

The hybrid between plum and apricot is called Plumcot. As a result you get a fruit which is 50% plum and 50% apricot. Crossbreeding this fruit with another plum evolves into the Pluot. The plum gives this relatively young fruit its smooth, brilliant skin and its crisp and juicy texture. In unification with the apricot the skin becomes finer and the Pluot gets its gold-reddish colour and its exquisite flavour.

cerezanews1little delicacies

20. MAY 2016

This week we have started supplying cherries from Turkey."Fresh, crisp and sweet", were our client's first comments.

This season begins with very good quality. The first variety is the Early Napoleon, the early mature version of the Napoleon which we'll offer soon. The Salihil will also be harvested shortly. It's a little bit darker than the Napoleon and maybe even somewhat sweeter. Under good conditions the season will last untill August.

In the north of Spain our providers have planted canadian cherry varieties characterized by their firm fruits. The consistency of the fruits extends their storage life and guarantees their fresh arrival at our clients. In the next couple of years we will be able to offer rising volumes. The spanish cherry season finishes in mid-July.


atletisme16news4entering may with iberiana

17. MAY 2016

Another year Iberiana supported the already traditional May race around the historic city of Sagunto and its roman castle.

The runners were divided into three categories. The longest distance was 20 km with an altitude of 600 meters and the 12 km distance had an altitude of 350 meters. The youngest ran distances according to their ages.
Altogether more than 500 runners entered the finish line  where fresh fruit from Iberiana was waiting for them.


food safety certified at the highest level

12. MAY 2016

Once again Iberiana achieved the highest results in the certifications of the internationally reknown quality systems IFS and QS.

certificanews16The certifiging company Ecco Ingenieros confirmed us the high standard of our quality system. The QS (Quality Scheme for Food) certification granted us the Status I which is only accomplished by companies who fulfill all the requirements and is valid for two years. Like in former years, we also obtained the top standard in the IFS (International Featured Standards) system, the High Level. These results were made possible thanks to the development of an extensive Iberiana control system that covers each stage of the production process. Several agricultural engineers carry out daily controls on the fields where the crops are grown to the arrival of the goods at our client's installations.

We're continually updating our control system amd also refreshing our product information. Among other things, right now we're expanding our research field to be able to observe even more varities.

For our clients this means that they can continue to trust in the high quality of our fruit and vegetables.

verano16news1welcome springtime

4. MAY 2016

Yes! The stone fruit season has started! And also watermelons are available again to start off the spring!

verano16news2The whole spectrum of stone fruit is available: nectarines, peaches, apricots, Paraguayos and Platerinas. This also includes the less known varieties like the Pluot, which is a hybrid between a plum and an apricot. And apart from watermelons there are also Cantaloupe, Galia, honeydew and Piel de Sapo melon to make our spring sweeter.

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