round tomatoes or pear-shaped?

The wide variety of tomato types provides us with a wide scope of possibilities for use.

There are Round Tomatoes, a classical, bright red tomato, which are delicious with just a little salt and oil, and with some pepper make any salad more tasty. A different type of tomato is the Pear Tomato, with its oval shape and gentle flavour making it perfect for Gazpacho tomato soup or for baking in the oven with parsley and garlic. Cherry Tomatoes in either shape round or pear make a fun snack and striking decoration for any dish, because of its size and appetising flavour.

All these types of tomatoes are also supplied on the branch. Tomatoes stay fresh and tastier for longer thanks to the water and nutrients stored in the stems of the plant. And have your tried Kumato Tomatoes? Their purplish colour and deep flavour make them an absolute delicatessen.