there is a system to our control

laboratorioIberiana control system ensures safe products throughout the supply chain.

Food safety directly in the production areas. Food safety starts directly in the production areas. Iberiana works closely with the producers. Our agrarian engineers and quality experts control on site that all fields are cultivated according to regulations and that the products meet the high requirements of Iberiana.

Independent sample taking and analytics. Iberiana products are controlled systematically by independent institutes in the production areas as well as throughout the supply chain. These institutes also take samples and carry out analysis. All our business partners in the control system are certified and chosen from the best providers.

Highest standards of food safety. The standards on food safety that Iberiana requires are among the highest in the sector. We overcomply with the European law, as for example those demanded by the EU Directive EG 396/2005.

Traceability. We have a traceability system which helps us to know where produce is from and where it is going at any given time. In a very short time we can identify the farmer who grew the produce we sell, and at the same time locate the supermarkets where the goods have been delivered. We are able to do this in both directions.

Quality Control. We have a team of engineers who carry out quality control of produce at source and at destination. We are located in different production areas and every day we go to the companies who are preparing our orders.

HACCP. This is a system that studies the hazards in the marketing process we undertake, identifying and establishing preventive measures to control them.