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diferentes tipos de lechuga

In the days of Charlemagne people began to grow different varieties of lettuces in the gardens of convents. Since then the use of lettuce has extended; but for a long time it was only used as garnish. Over recent decades this has changed considerably and it can now be found as a main dish on menus. Today its popularity, among others, is due to its low calorie content. Moreover, it is usually eaten raw preserving all its properties.

We supply lettuces in all shapes, colours and flavours. From the long-leafed Romaine lettuce, to the Oak-Leaf lettuce, nearly violet in colour, to Rocket with its strong flavour. Our producers grow a wide assortment of lettuce for Iberiana. Some, such as Rocket or Corn Salad are harvested all year round, but most of the seasonal varieties start in the south of Europe in Autumn.


campo de lechuga