from controlled farming?

cultivart1All our products come from Controlled and Integrated Farming. Sounds good, but what does it really mean?

By Controlled Farming you understand the production of fruit and vegetables controlled by agri engineers. The agri engineers supervise and control the production and recommend agricultural proceedures.

In detail they advise about things like:

  • diferent aspects like variety selection, weather conditions, etc.
  • irrigation procedures of the planting
  • requiered fertilizers
  • which products are authorized for pest control
  • when and in which dosage these products should be applicated

Integrated Farming is based on Controled Farming, with the diference that for pest control it uses the natural enemies of the vermin, for example insects. This kind of farming is basically used in greenhouse agriculture. This way the natural enemies are especially efectiv because they stay inside the planting.