what we understand as bio

penetrómetroAt Iberiana we strictly follow Regulation 834/2007 of June 28th 2007, and Regulation 889/2008 of September 5th 2008, which accurately define what products can be catalogues as "bio" or “organic”.

This means:

  • Conversion period. Fields for organic crops usually need a conversion period of at least two years before they can be seeded. Until the third year the produce cannot be labelled “organic”.
  • Crop rotation. The organic fertility and activity of soil is guaranteed by growing leguminous crops within a suitable, multi-annual crop rotation cycle.
  • Only organic fertiliser. Only the use of prescribed organic minerals and fertilisers is permitted.
  • No pesticides. Parasites, crop diseases and weeds must be fought against using the following methods: 
    • Appropriate choice of species and varieties
    • Suitable crop rotation
    • Mechanical tilling of the soil and clearing of weed shoots
    • Protection by means of natural enemies
    • The use of genetically modified organisms is forbidden

Therefore, whenever clients buys an organic product in the supermarket, they can be sure that these products have been produced in accordance with strict standards based on respect for the environment.