fast and safe transport

control de calidad en la cargaOur logistics department organises the transport of our fruit and vegetables from the field to the client. We prepare the shortest routes every day so that our trucks deliver the produce to the destination as quickly as possible. We combine shipping of several products from different production areas, taking into account the specific transport conditions required by each product (temperature, ethylene, etc.). This is not only beneficial to the quality of our fruit and vegetables, but also for the environment.

Our trucks are equipped with the most modern technology and meet all the demands by the E.U. for transport of food products. The vehicles can be located by GPS at all times. Temperature controls during transport, together with the resulting summary of temperatures recorded along the entire route, guarantees the freshness of our goods. Our transport department is in constant touch with the drivers, and we are therefore in a position to resolve any setbacks.

Years of experience have confirmed that a good logistics system makes an excellent base for delivering our fruit and vegetables with maximum guarantees of freshness and quality.