we provide quality

When we founded Iberiana Frucht in 1994 our objective was to find the best fruit and vegetables in Spain to supply our clients with, the associates of the Markant Group. We started with a small, but widely experienced team in the sector. We chose the best producers and transport companies that would meet our strictest requirements, and we developed an extensive system to control our goods from the fields to the point of sale.

Iberiana Frucht has grown steadily over the past 20 years, and we currently supply wide areas of Europe with produce from all over the world. Our customers receive fruit and vegetables that come exclusively from crops grown using a controlled and integrated production system, from producers who can vouch for the quality of their produce at all times. Our quality system is still one of the most thorough in the sector. This way we garantee that our products arrive fresh to the supermarkets located mainly in Germany, but also in Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France and Eastern Europe.


  • we want it to taste healthy

  • in search of quality

  • control is important for us

  • our bio is really bio

  • with our name