sagunto142newsfor solidary purposes

28. OCT 2014

This year as well as last year, Iberiana sponsored the Solidarity Race of Espiga Group which took place again in Sagunt (Valencia).

On the 25th of October 1100 participants ran for solidary purposes. The event, organised in favor of children in need and inmigrants found general approval and support again among the population.

Vicente Peiró

thank you very much!

5. SEP 2014

After 20 years of working for Iberiana and nearly 50 in the sector our senior employee Vicente Peiró takes his leave to enjoy his well-deserved retirement.

Mr. Peiró had already participated in the founding of Iberiana and has had an important share in our success. Through his close contacts to clients and providers he was a strong pilar of our company. Therefore we would like to give special thanks to him.

Prokuristen IberianaIn the last couple of years Mr. Peiró was also working in Iberiana as an authorized signatory. This task is now performed by Mrs. Carmen Folgado, also in Iberiana from the start, and Mr. Nicolas Groot.


pomegranate from valencia?

4. SEP 2014

Near the city of Valencia a few farmers have started with the cultivation of pomegranate varieties, which stand out due to their intense red coloration, both on the outside as inside.

The fruits of this american varieties are gaining popularity amongst consumers, due to its red color and its tasty flesh inside.

At Iberiana we are always searching for even better products for our range. Therefore we closely follow the development of these pomegranate trees. As soon as the trees bear fruit, our quality department will conduct the necessary tests, as to colour, taste and treatments. Should these fruit prove to be a high-quality product, our customers will be first to know.

wmnewscongatulations on the 4. star!

14. JUL 2014

Iberiana compliments the National German Footballteam for wining the World Cup. Together with all our german clients we're pleased about the great performance of the players during the whole world championship. Congratulations!

veinte3thank you for 20 years of excellent colaboration!

24. JUN 2014

When we founded Iberiana Frucht in 1994 we had a goal: to offer the best fruits and vegetables to our clients!

This we accomplished and a big part of the success we owe to our partners, providers and conveyors and everyone who supported us during the last 20 years. That's why today we would like to say: Thank you very much for 20 years of inestimable colaboration!


a new citric star

3. MAR 2014

We recently started the harvesting and packing of the Orri mandarins. This variety, which is originally from Israel, is almost seedless and has a wonderful flavor.

With this especially sweet easy peeler, you can very well extend the season, when the harvesting of other varieties has already come to an end. Our growers harvest the bright orange colored Orri mandarin from February until May.

strawberries again

17. JAN 2014

The strawberry season has started earlier than usual this year. Our agri engineers have been waiting for the perfect moment of maturation before offering them to our clients.

The high temperatures in october and november had a positiv impact on the evolution of the plants. The season has already started and now we are able to enjoy these delicacies.

a good start

23. DEC 2013

  • we want it to taste healthy

  • in search of quality

  • control is important for us

  • our bio is really bio

  • with our name